What is Acrylic Pigments?

Acrylic is a material like paint, but it has a greater artistry. The material was developed in the 20th century. Since then, acrylics have been used to create paintings using both traditional and contemporary approaches. An essential component of acrylic paint is pigments. They are small pieces of an object or substance, such as minerals […]

How to Paint with Watercolour on Regular Canvas

Painters are always looking for new ways to paint art on different stuff. Among different types of painting watercolour painting is the most common. Artists from around the world seek different methods and different materials to paint on. Most artists use oil colour and acrylic colour to paint on canvas. It is because oil colour […]

How to remove acrylic paint from clothes

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of ruining your clothes with acrylic paint? We have all been there. It is a tough problem to deal with, but we are here to help.  This blog post will teach you how to remove acrylic paint from clothes without damaging the fabric any more than it already […]

How to Use Charcoal Pencils: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Charcoal pencils are a popular medium for artists to use because they can create both light and dark tones. They are preferred over graphite because it is softer, which means that the artist does not have to work as hard with the paper. The texture of charcoal also creates an effect that is more interesting […]