Brustro Drawing Paper review

Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM Review

Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM is a paper used in technical drawing and sketching made by Brustro, a company from Madrid that produces high-quality papers of different types.

The sheets are bright white with a smooth surface, making them ideal for the uses above and purposes.

They come in multiple sizes and different formats like rolls, single sheets, and loose sheets.

Where can you buy Brustro Drawing Paper?

To purchase this product, one can visit their website or can buy on Amazon also.

The product is also available in various art supply stores in the US and Europe and other online retailers of stationery such as Blick Art Supplies.

Pros of Brustro Drawing Paper :

In recent times, the benefits of and uses for Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM have been seen by several artists across the globe as much more than just sketching papers.

The usage of such sheets has also included mural artwork, graffiti art, collage, calligraphy, practising calligraphic strokes and even housekeeping purposes!

Other advantages of using Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM include their smooth finish.

This is undoubtedly a plus for artists and consumers alike who prefer to use pre-sized squared papers (as opposed to roll paper).

The sheets are also affordable, with the standard sizes costing between Rs300 and Rs500 per sheet, depending on retailer pricing.

Another advantage is that the sheets produce a consistent finish. This allows the end consumer to use them without having to worry about flaws and aberrations in the paper, which would otherwise affect their finished piece.

Features of Brustro Drawing Paper :

Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM thickness is perfect for artists who prefer sketching on bright white papers.

Their backings are made from a strong yet flexible material that can take the effects of most markers and pens. The surface is also resistant to tearing, thus an ideal choice for rough drafts or more detailed work.

Another popular feature is the versatility of these sheets. They are available in three different sizes: A4 (8 ½” x 11”), A3 (11″ x 14”) and A2 (16″ x 20″). The numerous sizes also allow for great usage of these papers.

The support sheets have what is called a ‘Micro Rake Grade’ finish to enhance the brightness of under-drawings and multiple layers.

In addition, they offer a very smooth surface which artists can use to their advantage for more detailed work.

Pricing :

In terms of pricing, the Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM is reasonably priced.

For example, a pack of 10 standard size sheets (A4) costs about Rs250 online.

A2 paper can be purchased in bundles as low as Rs70 per sheet! As previously mentioned, this is considerably cheaper than most other papers, which are typical twice the price.

Other characteristics include the paper’s thickness and backing. The sheets are made from a high-quality white coating with a total thickness of 200 GSM.

This allows the invention to have an excellent finish while retaining its strength (as previously mentioned). It also reduces the overall weight of the sheets.

The backing is made from a strong yet flexible material that allows artists to use markers and pens without worrying about any detrimental effect on the product.

The paper also resists tearing, which is another advantage for rough drafts or more detailed work.

A final note for this review would be that Brustro Drawing Papers 200 GSM comes in a roll format as well. It is ideal for artists who prefer working on large pieces of paper instead of using small-sized sheets.

Artists can still use the standard sizes and formats to create their own chosen size of paper.

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