Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper Review

Strathmore Bristol vellum paper is a sheet of fine quality paper that has been acid-free and archival. It can withstand all types of inks, pencils, markers, and paints without any fading or discolouration.

Strathmore Bristol vellum paper was first created in the 1800s as an alternative to painting on canvas because it’s easier to store and transport. It can be used for charcoal pencil drawing, coloured pencil drawing, and pastel drawing.

In this review, we will discuss how Strathmore Bristol vellum paper works for both professional artists and beginners.


  • Strathmore Bristol vellum is a premium quality sheet with exceptional strength and rigidity, making it perfect to work on both sides.
  • Strathmore Bristol vellum paper has a natural white colour that provides an excellent surface for traditional drawing techniques.
  • Because it has a smooth surface, this works really great for using tools that scrape off the top layer of coloured pencil for creating details.
  • This paper is very thick which makes it more durable and better suited for professional drawings.
  • If you are making an animal, this paper is good for making fur as it has fewer grooves to the paper’s tooth, making your pencil strokes look very smooth and full.
  • This Bristol vellum paper is good to print photographs.
  • Cost per sheet is very effective

  • If you don’t have the right tools, your drawings will not fully transfer onto the Strathmore Bristol vellum paper.

  • Not much effective for pen & ink, mechanical pencil, airbrush, and markers.
  • Strathmore Bristol has a lot of tooth that is hard to draw on because it grabs and pulls your pencil too much.
  • This type of surface does not work well with watercolour paint.
  • It is not very sturdy and bends easily as you draw on top of the Strathmore Bristol vellum paper, which can lead to a lot of smudging.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is Vellum Bristol paper used for?

The uses of Bristol vellum paper are virtually endless. This versatile product is available in a variety of weights to suit your needs. It can be used for drawing, sketching and letter writing because it’s both smooth and rough enough for various media types. You can also use it as an alternative canvas when painting with oils or acrylics by applying the paint directly onto the surface. Some other great uses: scrapbook papers, art journals, mixed media projects like collages & more.

Where can I buy Strathmore Bristol vellum paper?

The Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper is available on Amazon and the Strathmore website. It can also be found in art supply stores and office supply stores as well.

How much does the paper sheet cost?

The price ranges from ₹2000 to ₹3000, depending on which vendor you buy it from.

Can I use Strathmore Vellum Paper for Calligraphy?

Strathmore Bristol Vellum has a smooth texture that makes it perfect for calligraphy as well.

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